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Internal Assessment Project (IA)

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Southeast IB Extended Essay Designed to be used in conjunction with the IB EE Guide The Extended Essay is an in-depth study of a focused topic chosen from the list of approved Diploma Programme subjects—normally one of the student’s six chosen subjects.

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Grade 11 – The Great Debate. We look forward to this week’s work where the insideITGS students will be starting on the Great Debate are using a fictional country “Edtopia” for our setting and students will assume the roles of various Edtopian citizens.

glean from the project will pay you dividends later in college and even in the Guide, Extended Essay. IBO, Mar ch Page 5 of 9. Alright, I now understand the basic idea, what are the specifics, and how do Society (ITGS) World Religions Dance Film Human Rights. Page 6 of 9. ITGS Extended Essay Name General Assessment Criteria A Title Research question The extent to which the focus of the essay is expressed and specified.

Itgs project guide essay
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