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Higher Education Professionals

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CAAP Test Scoring

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eTutoring (Online Tutoring) 24/7 Overview of eTutoring Services: Lawson State Community College provides various eTutoring platforms for students taking online courses and for. CAAP Exam Study Guide covers the 5 essential skills necessary to do well on the CAAP, plus comprehensive reviews covering the Reading, Writing Skills, Writing Essay, Mathematics, Science, and Critical Thinking tests individually.

CAAP is a standardized test which helps in assessing the proficiency of candidates and effectiveness of postsecondary college programs. The benefits of good scores in this test are listed below.

CAAP scores assist in measuring the performance of students and their readiness for higher level academic programs. Writing Essay Test: The average score for Owens students who took the essay test in increased towhich is very close to the national norm of (,,and for the years respectively).

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CAAP Test Scoring