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What does it mean to be an American?

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Being proud to have this right of freedom in America is an understatement. I am proud to be an American for having freedoms that other countries only dream about. National Essay Contest. The winners of the American History Essay Contest were Keenan Hogan, homeschooled, 7th grade; and Thomas Jacques, Christ the King, 5th grade.

This year’s essay topic was celebrating years of.

Youngsville senior Mineweaser national contest winner with ‘Americanism’ promotion essay

Essay Contest information. Duties of the National Committee on Americanism-Patriotism. Section (a). The committee shall consist of one member from each region. Terms shall be for three years with three members being replaced or reappointed each year by the National President. Why I Am Proud to Be an American.

What The United. Tanner Lundberg and Angela Gudahl’s compositions of “Why I am proud to be an American” advanced to district-level competition in the annual Americanism Essay Contest sponsored by the.

The essay contest winner, year-old Charlonda Coleman, won two backstage VIP passes to see Tyanna and the other Top 5 finalists perform in the “American Idol Live! ” concert July 15. MT. PLEASANT- In conjunction with the annual Hub City Days Fourth of July celebration, a contest was held with participants writing an essay on "What the American Flag Means to.

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Americanism Essay Contest Information Available – Fleet Reserve Association – NW Region